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Bromley - June 18th 2000

Page 6

Below are a selection of pictures taken in and around the centre of Bromley on Sunday 18th June 2000.

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6.1 The H.G.Wells Centre near Bromly South, long the home of the local Labour party and still surviving despite the mayhem around it - shortly to include a new police station.6.2 At the other end of town, in South Street, is this sign marking the site of Wells' early education.6.3 A more prosaic sign, different examples of which proliferate around the town, and all requiring a degree in logic to intepret. This one is in Ravensbourne Road.6.4 The first homeopathic hospital (c1889), then a language school and MOT test centre, on the corner of Park Road and Widmore Road.
6.5 The combination of gardens, houses, shops and offices by Bromley South, as viewed from Westmoreland Road car park.6.6 A view towards Shortlands with the Crystal Palace BBC TV transmitter on the horizon.6.7 The Library Gardens "lake", once the proud possessor of a large floating wooden bandstand, which went the way of all inflamable wooden bandstands these days!6.8 Queen's Mead recreation ground, looking towards Martins Hill. The change of slope marks the route of the culveted River Ravensbourne.

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