Electric Engines

Below are a selection of photos of electric locomotives and multiple units taken on at various times over the last few years both in the UK and abroad.

If you can supply more biographical information about any of the pictures, please let me know.

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E.1. E5022 with parcels train at London Bridge Low Level in 1963E.2. 18th April 1966, the first day of full electric services on the WCMLE.3. 87025 waiting to depart Euston in 1975E.4. The same engine some hours later at Carlisle
E.5. The Orient Express just east of Bromley South headed by an electro-diesel locomotive on 30-08-1982E.6. The experimental APT (gas turbine I believe) relegated to a siding at York Railway Museum on 12-08-1978 E.7. A production APT - 370004 - leaves Euston on 13th February 1980E.8. The rear of the same APT - unit 370003
E.9. Belgian railways 2506 - Ostend - 26-021980E.10. Swiss railways 10103 - Martigny - 20-07-1985E.11. Swiss railways 1643 - Martigny - 20-07-1985E.12. Swiss railway locos - Martigny - 20-07-1985
E.13. Swiss railways 10957 - Montreux - 11-07-1985E.14. Swiss railway loco - Geneva - 07-07-1985E.15. French railways emu - Le Chatalard Frontiere - 16-07-1985E.16. Swiss and French railway emus - Le Chatalard Frontiere - 16-07-1985
E.17. Martigny-Chatalard emu - Les Marecottes - 11-07-1985E.18. Martigny-Chatalard emu - nr Les Marecottes - 11-07-1985E.19. Montreux-Obeland Bernois express - Les Avants - 11-07-1985E20. CSD 371003-5 - Prague - 31-05-2004

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